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11 Travel Tips to Make You a Flying Pro!

Whether you’re new to travelling or a semi-regular flyer, prepping for your journey can be a challenge. Often, heading to a new destination can bring feelings of apprehension. To ensure you fly like a pro, take a look at some of our favourite travel tips – follow these handy hints and you’ll feel refreshed and relaxed about your impending trip.




Travel Tips


Book flights in advance


If you’re a nervous flyer, it helps to know that you’ll get the least turbulence on seats near to the wing of the plane. If you want to sit with your family or friends, booking in advance ensures you’re not sat next to a complete stranger.


Plan ahead


Planning for your journey at least a month in advance ensures you’re not rushing or leaving everything until the last minute. Make a list of everything that needs to be done before you leave for your trip. This will help you to relax on your flight, rather than worrying that you’ve forgotten something important.


Get to the airport early


Stay relaxed by getting to the airport several hours before you fly. This gives you time to get a bite to eat, shop for bargains or read a book before you leave.


Wear something with pockets


Naturally, you’ll want to wear comfortable clothes, especially if you’re taking a long-haul flight, but ensuring your outfit has pockets gives you somewhere to place your phone, passport and boarding pass. This gives you easy access to your important belongings and you won’t need to search through your bags to find them!


Keep USB cables in a glasses case


Need to know where your important cables and chargers are? Store them in a glasses case so you know exactly where they are when you arrive at your destination.


Scan important documents


Back up your important travel documents in case you lose them or have them stolen. Emailing them to yourself and leaving copies at home with family or friends is also a good idea for security reasons.


Put your phone on flight safe mode


Put your phone on airport mode


This will help to save your battery so it lasts longer during your flight.


Follow security advice


Know airplane regulations in advance of your flight. Hand luggage has certain restrictions on what you can and can’t take onboard a plane. For instance, there are tight regulations on liquids.


Get comfy


Staying comfortable will help you to have a relaxing trip. Using a J-Pillow provides head, neck and chin support so you can fully unwind as you nap or rest when flying.


Wear moisturiser


If you’re travelling on a long flight, wear a night moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated. Flying dehydrates your body so keep your skin nourished by moisturising and sipping water throughout your journey.


Stay entertained


Whether you’re flying for two hours or twelve, keeping entertained will help you to enjoy your flight. Plan activities for the kids by using colouring books, tablets and small games. You could also use your imagination and create activities like ‘I spy’ or bingo