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10 Amazing Ways to Avoid Jetlag on A Long-Haul Flight

Visiting another country is always an exciting experience, but suffering with jetlag can make the start of your trip a groggy blur. So, how can you make the adjustment to a new time zone easier? Luckily, there are a few handy tips you can follow to ensure you’re feeling fresh after landing. Whether you’re heading for a family holiday to Orlando or you’re travelling to a business meeting in New York, our 10 amazing tips will help you to avoid jetlag on a long-haul flight.




10 Amazing Ways to Avoid Jetlag on A Long-Haul Flight

  1. Arrive during the day

If possible, book a flight that arrives during the day as daylight will help you to stay awake. This means you can go out and explore your new surroundings rather than heading straight to sleep.

  1. Split your trip

Booking a stopover gives your body more time to adjust to a new routine. Splitting a long-haul flight into two shorter flights will feel less tiring, and give you the opportunity to explore an additional destination.

  1. Stay hydrated

If you want to prepare your body for a new time zone, keep hydrated during your flight. Flying causes dehydration which results in fatigue and headaches. Drink lots of water while in the air but limit your caffeine and alcohol intake as these affect your energy and hydration levels.

  1. Get enough sleep

Take a nap whenever you feel like one. Regular power naps can help to keep jetlag at bay, whereas oversleeping can make you feel more tired. Having a nap before you board or during your flight will ensure you’re refreshed on landing. Using a travel pillow like J-Pillow offers head, chin and neck support so you feel relaxed and calm during your flight.

  1. Avoid sleeping pills

Taking a sleeping pill might be tempting but it’ll leave you feeling bleary eyed on arrival. If you have trouble sleeping and want to rest during your flight, try a herbal tea instead. Hot water is usually free so you can always bring your own tea bags.


10 Amazing Ways to Avoid Jetlag on A Long-Haul Flight

  1. Light exposure

Letting light into your hotel room helps your body to feel more awake. Leaving your TV on or the curtains ajar will make waking up slightly easier. Taking a walk in the fresh air once you’ve woken up will refresh and relax you.

  1. Get moving

Move around during your flight – not only does this lower the risk of deep vein thrombosis, it also improves your circulation (a common side effect of jetlag).

  1. Relax

If you typically lead a busy lifestyle, try to stay relaxed in the days before you fly. Feeling stressed makes you prone to experiencing jetlag so try to have a flexible schedule beforehand and you’ll feel much better when you arrive at your destination.

  1. Say goodbye to the bar

While pre-flight drinks are often irresistible, skipping the bar will help you to beat jetlag. Alcohol causes dehydration and fatigue so opt for soft drinks instead and rotate them with water.

  1. Set your watch

Make sure to set your watch to your new time zone on arrival. You don’t want to miss any important events! It’ll ensure your body adjusts to your new destination too!