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8 Ways That You Can Beat Your Flight Anxiety

Millions of people all over the world struggle with flight anxiety. In fact, just the idea of flying causes them to become anxious and begin to sweat.




If you, or someone you know, has a difficult time dealing with their fear of flying, keep reading for some useful ways to help beat flight anxiety and enjoy a much more relaxing flight.



Let’s Take A Look At 8 Ways That You Can Beat Your Flight Anxiety:


Name Your Phobia- what is it exactly that bothers you about flying? Is it the fact that you are thousands of feet in the air? Or perhaps you become anxious at the thought of all of the germs aboard an airplane? Whatever it is that you fear about flying, name it. Naming your phobia is the first step in overcoming, or at least managing, it.


Become Familiar With The Various Airplane Noises- airplanes have many moving parts and complicated systems which help them to take off, fly and land. These all make noise and you should become familiar with these noises so when they occur, you won’t feel as anxious about them.


Look At A Photo Of Your Destination- whether you are flying for business or you are on holiday, having an image of your destination to focus on when your anxiety levels begin to rise can help calm you back down.


Avoid Caffeine And Alcohol- skip the coffee and wine before and during your next flight as both caffeine and alcohol can increase your anxiety levels as well as bring on a nasty bout of jet lag.


Distract Yourself- watching a movie, playing a game on your phone or reading are good ways to distract yourself during your flight. If you are especially nervous, bring along a lot of reading material as this will ensure that you have enough distractions to get you through the flight.


Bring Along Your J-pillow travel pillow- a J-pillow travel pillow can help relieve your anxiety by giving you something comfortable to rest your head on or support your neck. By properly supporting your head and neck with a J-pillow, you will be able to increase the amount of oxygen you are breathing in as well as increasing blood flow to the brain.


Use A Relaxing Breathing Technique- Deep Breathing is a specialised breathing technique used by many people who suffer from anxiety. To practice Deep Breathing, sit up straight and tall, relax your body and focus on taking long, deep breaths until you feel relaxed.


Take Anxiety Medication- your physician can prescribe an anti-anxiety medication which you can take pre-flight to relieve anxiety and have a much more relaxing and comfortable flight.


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