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Hand Luggage Checklist - Our Top Tips

Packing, unpacking and repacking your hand luggage can be a time consuming activity. Even a seasoned traveler will find themselves double checking the contents. The standard checklist includes items such as a book, your iPad and maybe a bottle of water.


However, we have compiled a new checklist, with items which are a little less obvious and can make a huge difference to your journey.

Travel Kit

1. Portable Battery Charger

Hands Up! How much of your inflight entertainment will rely on a smartphone or tablet?




Whether you like to kick back on a flight with a film of your choice, listen to music or read an electronic book, a huge percentage of us turn to modern tech to keep us busy. Unfortunately many airlines have not yet switched on to this trend with passengers unable to charge their device onboard.




Invest in a portable battery charger and you will never have this problem again.


Prices for portable charges vary depending on the efficiency required. We recommend the cost effective Anker Power Core


Anker PowerCore 5000


PowerCore 5000


The item is available in a range of attractive colors.


2. Colourful Wallets, Make Up Bags, Phone Cases, Passport Holder

Have you ever felt that moment of panic when you cannot find your passport? Your oversized travel bag is great for storing everything you need, but things have a habit of disappearing. The key lies in the organisation. Ideally your hand luggage should have several compartments. To make things even easier, ensure your items are placed in brightly coloured bags or covers which will make things easier to see.


Mia Tui’s bags are designed for travelling with clever bright interiors that will make life less stressful as you will know where everything is.


Mia Tui Travel Bag


Mia Tui Travel Bag


3. Sleep Kit

In the good old days, airlines were happy to provide passengers with sleep kits. These days this is less common, unless you have the luxury of travelling first class.


Preparing your own sleep kit can help you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed. This works for long haul flights or even if you just want to catch up on some zzzz’s after an early morning start.


The kit should contain eye mask, ear plugs and a comfortable travel pillow. We recommend the J-pillow travel pillow (of course!) which carefully cradles the head and ensures a more peaceful sleep.


J-pillow travel pillow


J-pillow travel pillow


4. Comfort Is Key

Feeling comfortable on your flight will make for a more pleasant journey. This is particularly true for long haul flights! This top tip suggests replacing restrictive footwear with thick socks. Air conditioning tends to keep the cabin on the cooler side. These thermal socks with extra padding will keep your feet warm and you won’t have to put your shoes on every time you need to stretch your legs.


Thermal Insulated Socks


Thermal Insulated Socks


5. Essential Oil

The clue is in the name. This is an essential item that should always have a space in your hand luggage. There are various situations which can cause a stench onboard. A blocked toilet, body odour, plane food……When the situation arises, massage a few drops of your chosen essential oil onto your neck and wrists. This will take away any unwanted odours and allow you to continue to enjoy your flight. This company: Rocky Mountain Oils has a huge selection of oils and ship within the US as well as internationally.


Essential Oil


Bon Voyage!