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How NOT to Get Your Belongings Stolen on Holiday

While travelling abroad is usually a safe experience, there are some parts of the world that are potentially dangerous to tourists. Heading to a new destination doesn’t need to be a scary experience – simply knowing a few handy tips will help to keep you safe so you can enjoy your holiday with ease. Learn how to keep your belongings safe by using our helpful advice.




How NOT to Get Your Belongings Stolen on Holiday


Don’t carry important belongings together


Keeping your cash, cards and identification together may be tempting but avoid doing this. Instead, use your hotel safe to store any money or documents you won’t be using and carry money and identifying documents on you in separate locations.


Don’t store things in your back pocket


Pickpocketing is common in many countries so avoid keeping your keys, wallet or additional cash in your back pocket. Opt to keep your belongings in a secure bag that can’t be easily opened.


Leave expensive items at home


Expensive jewellery, cameras or phones can often make you a potential target to thieves. Hide your camera when not in use and cover any costly jewellery.


Avoid talking to strangers


Meeting new people is a wonderful experience but divulging personal information to strangers can leave you open to theft. Avoid talking to people who appear untrustworthy and don’t accept food or drink from strangers. Only go on tours with registered tour guides who will keep you and your loved ones safe.


Stay away from dark or lonely areas


If you’re not familiar with a particular area, avoid it. Stick to populated areas, especially at night, and avoid bringing attention to yourself.


Don’t get too drunk


Being a tourist makes you a target for crime so avoid getting too drunk as this can make you more susceptible to being careless with your belongings. If you plan on drinking, mix your alcohol intake with soft drinks and don’t leave any beverages unattended.


Keep personal items in front of you


Keep personal items in front of you


Hanging your bag on the side of your chair or placing your bags next to your feet can attract thieves. Keep your belongings secure by placing them on your lap or putting the straps around your chair leg so you it can’t be stolen.


Keep it locked!


From your doors and windows to your luggage, keep everything locked up and safe in your hotel room. Plan an itinerary for each day so you know exactly what belongings you need and when. Anything you don’t require can be locked in your room.


Ask for a safe


Most hotel rooms have a safety deposit box but if you’re unsure, ask a member of staff. This will keep your belongings safe when not in use.


Be careful when flying


Travelling can leave you open to theft even when flying. Keep only the items you immediately require in your hand luggage. You’ll likely need money, identification, passport, additional travel documents and any items for the plane journey, such as your J-Pillow. Anything you don’t need can be kept in your main luggage.