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How To Beat Neck And Back Pain

There is a wide range of factors that can cause neck and back pain. From stress and poor sleep to injury, improper head, neck or back position and other physical ailments, your neck and back can feel pain and discomfort from just about anything. Over time, these minor aches and pains could lead to chronic pain and many other medical conditions if left untreated.


But what can you do when you still have to work, care for your family and travel? You can’t let neck and back pain get the better of you. If you struggle with constant neck or back pain, keep reading to learn some simple, yet effective, ways that you can beat the pain and live happier and healthier every day. Let’s get started:


6 Ways To Ease Neck Pain


Don't Stay In One Position For Too Long- this can often be difficult while at work or when travelling by plane or car, but moving around from time to time can help alleviate certain types of neck and back pain. When travelling, using a J-pillow Travel Pillow can provide the support your head needs to keep your back and neck aligned on long-distance flights.


Make Some Ergonomic Adjustments- adjust your seating position by making some minor ergonomic adjustments to your desk chair, car seat or electronic devices. Avoid tech neck by using hands-free devices and a headset or look around and stretch your neck often when working online.


Update Your Eyewear Prescription- what do your eyeglasses or contacts have to do with neck and back pain? A lot! If your prescription is not up to date, you will often tend to lean backwards to properly read a page on your computer. This can cause increased strain on your neck and back which can lead to pain.


Use Fewer Pillows- sleeping with too many pillows under your head can cause your neck and spine to become misaligned, leaving you with stiffness and soreness in the morning and throughout your day.


Get A Good Night's Sleep- when you don’t get enough sleep, your body doesn’t get a chance to recover. When your muscles don’t rest, they will become tenser throughout the day and begin to ache more often.


Use A J-pillow Travel Pillow - travelling long distances can be uncomfortable for your head, neck and shoulders. A J-pillow Travel Pillow can provide your head and neck with the support it needs to relieve stress, tension and muscle strain.


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