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Say “Hola” To Your Holidays……Do you speak the lingo?

Do you go abroad on holiday and seek out the companionship of your fellow countrymen? Or do you prefer to find a secluded spot, popular with locals and definitely not yet boasting an all day Full English Fry Up?





Of course in some holiday destinations, the British are so well catered for, there is no concern over being able to order a meal or a drink in another language - we just expect everybody to understand us. Think about it, have you ever booked a holiday to Spain, Greece or Portugal and worried about learning the lingo?


It often seems like the whole world speaks English and that can make us lazy, but there are so many reasons to learn a little of the lingo… why miss out? Here are just some of the benefits.


Get Around -  Once your have ventured away from the main tourist track, people are less likely to speak fluent English so understanding some basic sentences pertaining to direction can be really helpful.


Meet The Locals - These days, travel is all about creating the ultimate experience, not simply lounging poolside cocktail in hand. Therefore, if you can manage to reach a conversational level in a foreign language you will be able to gain a much deeper understanding of the culture, the lifestyle and create holiday memories which will last a life time. Who knows, you may even discover new friendships.


Appreciative Locals - Just attempting to converse in the local language is usually well received. Hospitality staff really work hard to understand the need of British holiday makers, so giving them a little back would be well appreciated.


Get a better price! Things do have a tendency to get lost in translation when it comes to paying for a taxi, checking the bill or even haggling for a better price at the local market, however learning a few key phrases might prevent an expensive mistake.


Key Phrases For Brits Abroad


Do you speak the lingo?


British people are getting more and more adventurous with their holiday choices, however holidays in France, Greece and the Algarve remain forever popular. Yet the most popular destination is still Spain, with British people seeking year round sunshine on Mainland Spain, the Balearics and Canary Islands and so perhaps this is a good place to start.


Naturally setting out to master a whole new language can seem daunting, but if we break it down into key areas, you will soon be able to strike up a conversation.  So let’s give you a little helping hand…….


Manners Cost Nothing - The British are renowned for having good manners, which usually results in us apologising and saying “thank you” many times a day. So when in Spain…it is really important to take those manners with us!


Please - Por Favor


Thank You -Gracias


I’m Sorry- Lo Siento




If you are ever going to get into conversation with local people, then knowing a few basic greetings will get you off on the right foot! Assuming you know the obvious (Hola) we have offered a few other key phrases below.


Nice To Meet You - Encantada de cococerte


Where are you from?  De donde eras?


How are you? Como estas?


And finally….


Where is ? Donde Esta?


How far? Cuan lejos?


How much does it cost? Cuanto cuesta?


Happy Holidays! Adios