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Top Tips For Preventing Motion Sickness

Motion Sickness is a common problem effecting both children and adults alike. The condition can be caused by planes, cars, boats and trains. The problem arises when the motion sensed by the middle ear differs from the motion you visualise. Travel sickness usually starts with dizziness, sweating and a general feeling of nausea. This is then often quickly followed by vomiting.




Motion Sickness


The good news for sufferers, is that help is at hand. We have listed our top tips to avoid motion sickness on your next travels.



Sick bands are a tried and tested solution for motion sickness. Based on traditional Chinese teachings, the bands contain a stud which presses down on the P6 acupressure point, this eases any nausea and vomiting associated with travel sickness.




Top Tip

The same results can be gained without the bands. Simply apply reasonable pressure with your thumb to the lower part of the inner wrist.



Location, Location, Location

Whether you are travelling by train, plane, rail or car, the first rule is to sit in the right location. See our advice below.


Plane: Picking specific seats on a plane is becoming increasingly difficult, however where possible you need to opt for a seat over the wings. Planes are built to withstand even the worst air turbulence, but the seats over the wing tend to give the smoothest and less bumpy ride.


Car: Sit in the front whilst on car journeys.


Boat: Where possible, choose a seat outside. If the weather is too cold, head for a lower deck, towards the middle of the boat, this is most stable part of the boat.


Rail: Always select a seat which faces forward.


When travelling by car, always look out through the windscreen at the road ahead, do not read. On a boat, looking towards the horizon can help alleviate travel sickness symptoms.



Ginger has long been known to be helpful in dealing with an upset stomach and nausea in general. You will find Ginger is an ingredient in many of the medicines and remedies which are available on the market. Or if you prefer, why not make your own tea! Follow our simple steps below.


Step 1: Boil a bowl of water with sliced ginger.
Step 2: Steep, add honey and lemon.
Step 3: Drink one hour prior to departure.


A Breath Of Fresh Air

Prevention is always better than cure, however sometimes a bout of travel sickness can catch us off guard. If you are travelling by car or on a boat, fresh air can sometimes help to relieve any nausea.



And finally, one for the children...

Children tend to suffer the most from travel sickness, especially between the ages of 2-12! However this remedy is guaranteed to get them excited - Ice Cream! It may not sound like the obvious solution, but the combination of milk and ice alleviates any acidity in the stomach. Just ensure they eat it slowly.